Thursday, October 12, 2006

Evening out

The end of last week went like a blur, getting the guest flat ready, and also trying to get on with Dan's room. Richard made more sound-treatment panels, and then he and Tim begin organising the studio so it's no longer an apparently random muddle of equipment and cables. Meanwhile I sewed yet more curtains, adapting what we brought from our other house. On Sunday Richard put all the tools and general clutter away and I spent a couple of hours doing a thorough clean.

Our friends got here Sunday afternoon - actually a bit later than we expected as their flight was delayed by half an hour and then it took them over an hour to get through Immigration and to collect their luggage. So we hung around in the airport, but eventually they arrived. They're finding it a bit hot so are using the downstairs air conditioning quite extensively; I suppose we've adjusted a lot, since I can remember feeling very hot when we first arrived here 9 years ago at the end of October. Yet the current lightly breezy days of around 28C and nights of less than 20C seem pleasantly cool to us; we haven't used air conditioning since the end of September.

Richard is busier than ever at work, trying to finish a project that's been on the go for over a year, combined with 101 other tasks, or so it seems. He's not taken any time off this week, but our friends are happy to do their own thing. We'll probably all go out for the day on Saturday.

Still, last night they did take us out for a meal; we chose Aztekas, which is probably our favourite restaurant, serving Mexican (or at least Tex-Mex) food in a pseudo-Mexican setting:

Tim - who doesn't eat any dairy products now, as they give him 'glue ear'- chose chicken fajitas, which are his favourite anyway, served with a dish of tortillas and piping hot meat, onions and mushrooms, to be wrapped up in the tortillas. One of our friends also chose fajitas:

Almost everything else comes with a choice of beef, chicken or vegetables. I never can remember the difference between flautas, chimichangas, quesadillas and the rest, but it's all very pleasant with excellent service. Our other friend and I had quesadillas last night, which are in toasted flour tortillas topped with sour cream and guacomole; Richard had chimichangas, which are in fried tortillas topped with salad.

They always bring out strawberry margharitas on the house when presenting the bill, and all in all it was a good evening. We decided not to have any desserts there as we were quite full, but came back here and ate some ice cream from the freezer.

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