Saturday, November 04, 2006

Leaving soon

Our flight was supposed to leave Larnaka at 15.10 but I had a phone call from Gulf Air this morning saying that it had been delayed by a couple of hours. That means we miss our connection at Bahrain, where we had only an hour's wait. So they've booked us into a hotel overnight, and we will fly to Singapore the following day.

OK... they seem to be efficient, and I'm glad they let us know in plenty of time rather than when we got to the airport. The MV Doulos won't be arriving until Thursday anyway, so we won't lose a day with Daniel. On the other hand, Richard had booked us into a hotel in Singapore from early Sunday morning, when we were supposed to arrive, and cancelling it within 24 hours means we're liable to pay for it. Fair enough... but we'll see if Gulf Air will take responsibility, which theoretically they should.

Amazingly we were all packed and ready by about noon. The lady who's house-sitting and looking after the cats was here shortly after 10am and we were able to have a leisurely lunch rather than rushing to be at the airport by 1pm. And now we still have another hour to wait before we check in. We're under-weight with our luggage and we're ready an hour early... unbelievable. A first on both counts!

I hope to be able to blog from Singapore, using Tim or Richard's notebook computers. But there's no guarantee.

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Rosemary said...

Bon voyage! Hope you can continue to post. Wouldn't like to be without the regular 'fixes' of Cypruslife - or is that Singaporelife just now?