Monday, November 06, 2006

Unexpected day in Bahrain

So we got to Larnaka airport at 1430 on Saturday as we were told. And the flight was delayed even more than it should have been... rather a grotty old aeroplane too, but it got us there safely despite a rather turbulent take-off and very sharp descent which gave me the most awful earache.

The hotel which Gulf Air put us up in was rather magnificent, however. The Crown Plaza which is a five star luxury hotel. Huge rooms, and enormous beds. Ours would comfortably have taken three people... Tim's 'single' room appeared to have two double beds!

The food was good too, again all paid for by Gulf Air. Buffet style, mainly Indian, with a huge variety. Only problem was that we had to pay for any drinks - and a bottle of water, the 1.5 litre size which costs 40c or so in Cyprus, was charged at the equivalent of over three Cyprus pounds!

Bahrain is hot and humid even in November. It felt somehow much the same as Oman and Saudi Arabia, two other Gulf states I've been to, and as the sun was shining I had no wish to go out. Richard and Tim took a short walk in the morning, hoping to find a mall but it turned out to be a mobile phone mall.. so I was glad I didn't go. I stayed in the room, reading and relaxing and recovering from the flight.

A taxi arrived for us and other passengers in the same boat around 6pm and took us to the airport. A very efficient airport with the only problem being that smoking is still allowed, and although there are some non-smoking zones they're not much use if there are smokers just a few metres away.

There were more delays, meaning we finally boarded the plane around 9pm and took off around 10pm, two hours later than it was supposed to be.

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