Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Monday - Singapore Botanical Gardens

On Monday we were able to book for a third night into the Perak Lodge Hotel, although the boys had to move to a different room - it was a three-bed room, with mattresses on a sort of ledge rather than regular beds, bigger than their previous one.

We decided not to do any shopping - difficult in Singapore, but three of us (ie all except Richard) had had quite enough of malls. Dan suggested we stay in during the morning, which turned out to be an excellent plan since it bucketed down with rain for a couple of hours, at least. We used the hotel's wireless internet so he could download various updates he needed and find some articles he wanted to read. We also read, and talked... it was so good to be together again!

We found a Subway for lunch, then walked to the Botanical Gardens.

These are huge, free, and very impressive.

It was unfortunately rather over-humid after so much rain,

but we enjoyed seeing the plants, including a bonsai section

and a pond with lilies and terrapins.

We sat on the grass (mostly dry) and read before finding a taxi to take us back to the hotel, then out for yet another inexpensive Indian veggie meal. Three evenings of spicy food in a row was about enough for me, though!

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