Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tuesday - return to the Doulos

On Tuesday we had to check out of Perak Lodge Hotel by 10am, but they have a great service where they will store luggage free for one day, so we booked most of it into their secure room. All in all, we were very impressed with this place!

Then we walked first to the SimLim Tower plaza which has four storeys, entirely of technology shops! A geek's paradise, as the Lonely Planet Guide informed us.

Richard and Tim had been here before, and I was glad I didn't go with them. There wasn't even anywhere to sit! Nonetheless, the prices were good, the selection unbelievable. We did some shopping Dan needed - upgraded memory for his mac, in particular, and a large pack of inexpensive CDs. And various other things.

We did sit at the food centre downstairs eventually and had some fresh pineapple juice, then I stayed there while the rest of them went and looked at yet more technology. Then we had Korean food for lunch at this food centre, spicy but more soya sauce flavoured than the Indian food we had been eating.

Daniel then thought we ought to try out an 'ais kechang'- a dessert he had eaten elsewhere in Asia before coming to Singapore. It definitely looked impressive, being a strange mixture of ice, jellies, beans, syrups, and some rather dubious colourings. We all had a few mouthfuls but Dan had to finish it...

In the afternoon we walked a few hundred metres to the Tekka Centre, a seven-storey mall although only about four have shops as yet, but it includes an inexpensive clothes store which takes up an entire storey, where we previously managed to find some trousers with small enough waist for Tim. We were able to buy various clothes for Dan there. Not very exciting, but necessary. Late afternoon, we collected our baggage from the hotel and returned to the Doulos by about 5pm, in time for the evening meal which was prepared by local people, and very good.

So here we are, sitting at McDonald's using their wireless internet. It's rather slow, and photos refuse to upload, though I hope to add them later...

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itsboopchile said...

Sue, I am really enjoying your travels and your pictures.
I am still reading just not writing comments much.
But, thank you for your writings.

Betty G