Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday already

I'm not entirely sure where this week has gone. Richard has been off work, and hoped to get a few jobs done around the house, but all he's done is install a shaver point in the bathroom. That's fine by me... but I don't seem to have done anything at all. I haven't even spent much time online. Nor have we been out, as it's been extremely cold for Cyprus. On Boxing Day there was a fierce biting wind, and on two nights this week the temperatures were below 5C. We even turned the heating on during the daytime a couple of times.

On Wednesday we spent the afternoon at a friend's birthday party. Yesterday we had invited a friend to lunch - someone visiting Cyprus for a week due to visa problems in the country she works in - and spent a relaxing afternoon chatting. In the evening some other friends came over and we ate baked potatoes with Christmas leftovers. A good way to use up some of the turkey and finish our first Christmas pudding, and it was a pleasant evening. Tim was out for the evening at a church party.

But that's about all I can remember doing, and suddenly it's Friday again. This morning we went to our favourite furniture shop in town - the first time I'd been out to shops since Christmas - and ordered a small bookcase for our bedroom. Richard needs somewhere to keep his increasing collection of sailing books! And then did our usual weekly supermarket shop. This evening Tim's making turkey curry and naan bread, since we didn't cook on Wednesday evening after eating so much at the party. I hope that will be the end of the turkey.

Monday will be another public holiday, of course, for the New Year, and most shops will be shut on Tuesday as well. And, no doubt, Saturday next week too, due to Epiphany. Schools are closed until January 8th, as are Tim's music lessons and the youth group, so it should be another peaceful week ahead. All we have planned so far is some guests for lunch on Sunday, and taking down the decorations on January 5th.

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The calm after the storm?