Friday, December 29, 2006


Tim was cooking turkey curry in the kitchen this evening, when I heard him shout,

'Mum! I need some help!'

Was something about to fall out of the cupboard?

Did the gas refuse to light?

Was a pile of dishes threatening to fall over?


But all four of our cats appeared from nowhere, all of them determined to get inside the dish of leftover turkey:


Anvilcloud said...

Oh yes, turkey screams at them and they scream for it.

jj said...

my goodness! cats are just fantastic, arent they? sometimes i get frustrated with just the one hanging around when I'm preparing food, I can't imagine having 4 of them around my feet, arrrgh!

Gill said...

LOL! Our dog was the same, and managed to spread herself out like 4 cats ^^

Susan said...

Oh Wonderful picture. Cats love them to bits.
And ours did get some turkey too!