Sunday, January 07, 2007

Christmas has offiicially ended

Yesterday was the feast of Epiphany. We didn't go and watch the young Greek Orthodox men diving for the cross, or the parades at the sea-front. It was too chilly, and having done that once - a few years ago - we didn't feel it was a necessary experience to repeat.

We didn't sing any Epiphany songs at church this morning, either, though it was nice to see three people from our house group, returned from the UK. Others will return in the next fortnight.

But I did take the Christmas tree and other decorations down on Friday, and even packed them all away rather than leaving them lying around in boxes for the next few weeks. I can't believe how efficient we're getting in middle age!

Schools start again tomorrow after the break, and I suppose Tim's music lessons will start again too. Not that he wants to do much singing at present as he has quite a bad cold. On Friday night he went to bed at 8.30, was asleep by 9pm, and didn't wake up until 11am Saturday morning! Well, other than at 3.30am when apparently he felt a migraine starting so came down to have some ginger stirred into pineapple juice, a sure-fire migraine preventative for both of us, so long as it's caught in time.

So, it's been a quiet Christmas, and an even quieter first week of the new year.

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The Womanmoose said...

Sue... I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish your a very Happy New Year... may it be filled with love.

I found your blog many moons ago when researching Cyprus (the place I was born and where my Father retired before he sadly died) and I just wanted to say its always lovely to stop by and read your blog....

Again... Happy New Year.....