Wednesday, January 10, 2007

General mid-week update

So, life is now back to normal. Chilly, but that's usual for January. We had some rain last week - much needed, as it was a very dry December. Unfortunately our roof leaked again, over the stairs. But it was very heavy rain!

Tim took a two-week break from his theology course, but started back again this week with more online discussions and studying, which takes up most of his mornings. He postponed his Monday singing lesson till Friday as he still had a bad cold, but hosted a church sub-committee here in the evening. He enjoyed a challenging piano lesson yesterday lunchtime, and played guitar as usual at the Lighthouse group for international students yesterday evening. This afternoon he spent about an hour helping some friends re-establish a lost broadband connection and update their Avast! anti-virus software, and is now working with someone from Antidote Theatre, recording some speech in our studio downstairs.

We bought some varnish last weekend - some satin pine so that Richard could finish Daniel's bed and desk, and some glossy pine so that he could sand down and re-varnish the downstairs kitchen table, which was looking extremely tatty.

We're hoping to paint the guest flat downstairs this month, before our various visitors start arriving - the first ones mid-February. It shouldn't take too long - we hope! We've already painted the main guest bedroom, which needed the most work to make it usable. So there's just the second bedroom, the living room and the kitchen/dining room. We haven't decided on colours yet but will probably choose something warm and light, as we have upstairs.

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