Friday, January 12, 2007

In January in Cyprus...

... whenever I go out, I ensure I have with me a sunhat, sunglasses AND an umbrella. I"m almost certain to need at least one of them.

... whenever I go out around lunchtime, I take OFF my fleece and hang it up in the house, as it's surprisingly warm out in the sun. Then when I get home, after about half an hour I'm chilly once more, so I put the fleece on again. It's taken nine years to get used to this feature of life here. In the UK we put jackets or fleeces on to go out, and keep the houses warm enough in winter that we can take them off when we get in.

... whenever I'm out anywhere, dressed in jeans and a warm sweatshirt (though probably not a fleece) I am still astounded at tourists from Western Europe who go around in tee-shirt, shorts and sandals. Even if the sun is out, and it's relatively warm when walking any distance, it's still only about 15-20 degrees Celsius at best.


Mel said...

Around here, we swim when it's 65 degrees (Fahrenheit). In Texas, that's winter! (I like in Washington state.)

Have a great weekend!

(It's national delurking week.)

Kila said...

Anything above 40 F sounds pretty warm to me right now, LOL.

I enjoy your blog. Always been interested in Cyprus.

Steve Hayes said...

I see your weather thingy is 18 degrees and ours is 20 -- is 2 degrees all the difference between winter and summer? Wow!

I've also nicked the All-consuming things from you and linked to you there, so I can watch your reading (and I suppose you can watch mine!)

Thene we can comment on each other's reading in Worldchat, or something.

Suzanne said...

Hello Sue...ran across your blog when I googled blogs on Cyprus. It's a small you wrote about your sons and a "floating bookstore" and seminary....I was struck with the providence of God. We met Tim last summer at Troodos. What an amazing young man. Please tell him Hello from John and Suzanne...we think of our summer often and hope to return.
I'll continue watching your blog..keep up the good's like getting to know the whole family. Tks and God Bless!

bathmateus said...

in January in Cyprus it is Assam.