Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday in Cyprus

Richard had hoped to go sailing this morning, but it's very windy. He was going to go with someone who had never sailed before, so they've put it off for another weekend.

Instead he did some work on the autocue* system he's been building for work in his 'spare time' (whatever that might be), and then wrote a long photo-guide to doing so on his equipment-notes blog. Which I didn't even know existed until today. And since it's only had sixteen readers so far (for the one previous post he wrote, in August 2005) I said I'd mention it here. Just in case anyone reading this has a burning desire to build an autocue unit and was wondering how to.

Here's the link: DIY Autocue

* Since Firefox's spell-checker doesn't recognise 'autocue', or didn't until I added it to the dictionary, I should perhaps mention - as Richard says in his post - that an autocue is apparently known as a 'teleprompter' in the USA.


Traiga said...

I like your blog. You have a readable yet literate style.

I was wondering if you know of online Cyprus resources. Apparently there's no Craigslist for Cyprus (horrors!), but I did submit a request. :)

I may be moving to Cyprus, and I'm looking for information about life there.

Sue said...

Traiga - I replied on your blog then realised you haven't posted there for two years. So will reply here too in case you come back to find an answer. I've never heard of Craigslist so am not entirely sure what it is you're looking for - but if you have any specific questions, please do get in touch.