Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cyprus is colder than parts of the UK...

My sister and her family left (for a week in Egypt staying with friends) on Sunday night.

On Monday the temperature was about 21-22C: pleasantly warm, if a little cloudy. I didn't put a sweasthirt or fleece on when I got up, and wondered if the time had come to abandon them. In the morning, I did a quick clean of the guest flat (although they'd left it very tidy and clean) and made up a bed, as a work contact of Richard's was staying overnight.

By lunch-time, I was feeling distinctly chilly so I found a sweatshirt. By evening I was even colder, so I put a fleece on too. Then had an email from Richard's mother (who's coming to stay for a week, arriving this evening) saying that it had been 26C in the South of England...

Yesterday, the morning dawned clear and sunny, but not particularly warm. Showers were forecast, so when I went out to help at the Mothers-and-Toddlers group, I wore jeans and a sweatshirt, and had an umbrella with me. I had to use it on the way back. Perhaps due to the clouds it wasn't particularly cold, however.

Today, once again, the sun was shining when I got up. The forecast was for sunshine all day. I tidied up the plants on our front porch, and did some more cleaning in the guest flat. I even cleaned the windows, which was perhaps a mistake: around noon the sky suddenly turned grey, and about half an hour later there were spots of rain, followed by a torrential downpour and thunder.

The weather site is showing the temperature as 16C. I can believe it. I just hope it doesn't rain all week!

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susan said...

We're in lancashire and it did not get as hot as 26 here. But it was lovely.

Today started off cloudy and quite cool, but it's tea time and I've been for a walk with my daughter and it's been lovely.

I wonder if having a very warm spring means that this is the nearest to summer we'll get this year?

You never know with the weather in the UK!