Sunday, June 24, 2007

Heatwave. Again.

It was hot walking to church at 8.45am this morning.

It was HOT walking home again, about 11am.

Fair enough, it's the end of June. I've had air conditioning on in my study ever since I got back, and we used the kitchen/dining room a/c at lunch-time.

At 7pm I went downstairs to water the patio plants, and was surprised to find it still felt distinctly hot, despite there being no sun on the patio by that time of evening. Usually it's decidedly cooler by the evening. I checked the online weather out of interest, and it was 37C!! (That's 99F for anyone who still works in fahrenheit). More than body temperature.

Tim walked back from his evening service around 8pm and said it was still hot. By 8pm it's beginning to get dark, yet the temperature was still 32C.

I just hope this isn't a sign of things to come....


susan said...

Oh you must have all our sunshine then. It's been wet and cool here in the UK for about 2 weeks now, and next week looks the same.

There have been floods in lots of areas, with upto a months worth of rain falling in hours.

Can't you tell Wimbledon starts tomorrow!

Steve Hayes said...

I just had a look at your Weather Underground and mine, as I sit with the heater on under my desk.

By the way, got your newsletter -- good to read your news.

Anonymous said...

This is only June. Wait until mid July-August. You must go to the Troodos Mnts.

itsboopchile said...

July is almost here and it is normal for summer temps for us. Of course it is sign of things to come, it is the same every year. Don't worry, God is in control and the seasons will follow His will.

Betty G

Sue said...

Susan - yes, we've heard about the awful floods in the UK. I guess the 'grass is always greener...'.

Anonymous - the thing is, July and August aren't usually as hot as this. Over 37C is rare. We expect it to be hot, but not so hot we can hardly move!

Betty G - I know Summer will last another couple of months, and i know the seasons are here for a purpose, and that God is in control. It's just that we don't expect it quite THIS hot, and we're not really prepared for it!