Friday, June 22, 2007


It's hot. 32C in the shade outside (so, considerably hotter in the sun) and predicted to stay at that temperature in the daytime for at least the next ten days. Probably for the next ten weeks.

I have the air conditioning on in the study as I type, and we've used a/c in our bedrooms for the last couple of nights too. I am very, very thankful that we have this in our new house.

This morning it even felt hot when I came downstairs at about 6am. Most mornings I throw open windows and doors, and feel a pleasantly cool breeze. Today, it was still and warm. I looked at the thermometer on my kitchen scales, and it told me the kitchen was at 29C even that early in the morning. Ouch. I suppose that's because sunrise is at 5.30am currently - much later than in the UK, of course, since we're further south. I miss the light evenings (sunset begins about 8pm at present, and it's almost completely dark by 8.30pm) but at least it's a little cooler overnight, albeit humid.

Still, it was officially midsummer's day yesterday, which means we've had the longest day. So, although July and August will probably be hotter and still more humid, at least there will be fewer hours of daylight for the sun to shine.


Annie said...

Hi Sue!

So the summer is now really ON. Air-conditioners seem to be a must at the coastal area. I live at ca. 52 degrees north latitude, and we are enjoying nice summer weather with daytime temperature +25C. And the night hardly falls this time of the year.
I am planning to stay next winter on the isle of Cyprus; that´s why I´m following your blog & what´s going on in Cyprus. Anyway, for me it will be different, because I´ll be lodging near Troodos. Chilly & humid..?

Anonymous said...

The weather at the Troodos mountains is similar to Aspin, CO. During the summer months it is much cooler, no humidity and peaceful. In the winter it is cold and at times you will get some snow, depending on the altitute. The summer months are much more enjoyable. I've lived in CA and Cyprus and now in DC...I would rather live in CA for the winter and the Troodos mts. in the summer.