Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cyprus bats

It was almost a year ago (well, eleven months anyway) when we had an adventure with a bat in our bedroom.

We thought it was just a one-off oddity - after all, in nearly nine years at our previous house, where our garden had a huge tree with bats nesting in it (and flying around over the garden at dusk every evening) we never had a bat come inside.

So I was a bit surprised - and horrified - on Saturday morning to discover a half-eaten bat on the floor of the living room when I came downstairs, guarded by two of our cats. Poor little thing. I assumed one of them must have caught it, while exploring the neighbouring rooftops, and brought it inside.

Then on Sunday morning, Tim noticed yet another bat, clinging to the living room air conditioner. It was a very small one:

It was obviously alive, since it moved position very slowly through the day. We thought it best to leave it there while the sun was out, assuming it was asleep anyway. It didn't even notice when we switched the air conditioning on in the afternoon - but then the air doesn't blow from those vents. The bat probably felt nice and cool.

In the evening, Richard opened one of the windows, and managed to catch the bat in his hand and put it outside on the window ledge. It stayed where he had put it for a few minutes, perhaps a bit traumatised, or maybe just waking up. However, an hour or so later it had flown away.

We don't have any trees here so we've no idea how this bat got in the house - but at least it's now free again.

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itsboopchile said...

Richard gets a hooray for his bravery.
I have grown grandsons that go bananas when they even see a bat, anywhere. There have been times when they had to chase them, at different places, and it was chaos.
Betty G