Sunday, July 01, 2007

One year in this house

Yes, incredibly, today is the anniversary of the day we got the keys to this house and began painting.

In some ways it seems as if we've been here much longer than a year. It feels like 'home', and we've had more visitors in the guest flat than in several years at the other house. We don't miss the enormous garden of our other house at all; this one fulfils everything we could possibly have wanted in a house.

At the same time, I wonder where the year has gone... there were various things we planned to do with the house - such as turning part of one of the carports into a garden - that we've barely thought of. We haven't put in a cat door yet, either. Or talked to the architect about legalising the top part of the house, which had planning permission but was never fully completed.

But it's Cyprus.

What's perhaps strangest of all is that Daniel, who's now been away almost eighteen months, still hasn't seen this house other than in photos.

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itsboopchile said...

It's nice to feel at home in a new house. I feel that way about our house. We will be here a year Aug 1.
I miss the old house sometimes, especially the basement and garage. Living in a trailer park you live without either.
But,it is home for now.

Glad you like your new place, too.
Betty G