Friday, July 13, 2007

An uncommon concept for Cyprus

Richard was in a local computer shop today, where he buys things for work fairly often. As he was about to leave, the assistant (who speaks no English) remembered that he didn't have a receipt for what he was buying, so she started to produce one.

Richard commented to the owner (a bilingual English-Cypriot) that it was a good thing he had such an efficient assistant, since he would have totally forgotten that he didn't have the receipt.

The owner started translating this comment into Greek for the benefit of the assistant... only to stop after a few words, looking puzzled.

He turned to Richard, and said, 'I don't think I know a Greek word meaning "efficient"!'

(Probably only people who have lived in Mediterranean/Middle Eastern countries will understand the irony of this...)


Rajaram S said...

Good One!
In Cyprus, things will happen as and when "the things" themselves decide to happen :-)

Anonymous said...

The word in Greek is "apothoticos"