Friday, November 02, 2007

Back in Cyprus for a week: duvets and a mosquito

It's a week since we flew back home. I certainly feel a great deal more human than I did a week ago! The house is now fully dusted, mopped, etc, and I think everything is put away. Other than a large pile of paperwork (including dozens of receipts) which I need to deal with over the weekend.

We thought that, while we were away, it would get cool enough for our cat-sitter to need a light duvet on her bed, where she was sleeping. But she didn't. So we decided not to get the duvets out last week, as we were so exhausted, and sure enough we were fine with just a sheet covering us at night.

But the last two nights, both Richard and I have been carefully spreading our dressing gowns (that's 'bathrobes' for anyone in the USA) over ourselves before going to sleep. So today, when I changed the sheets, I also got out the lightweight duvets and covers, and put them on the beds. Tim wasn't sure he'd need his, but decided he might as well. I'm glad I washed them before putting them away for the summer - a much better idea than doing so when I get them out again for the autumn!

Last night I should have had an unbroken sleep, but for a mosquito which found its way into our bedroom and buzzed around my ear. I don't think it bit me, but it woke me up about 3am. I got up and switched on the electric mozzie-killer and that seemed to work, but it meant yet another disturbed night. Sigh. Spring and Autumn are the worst for mosquitoes in Cyprus, so I suppose I should have expected it.

Strangely, it made me realise that in Malaysia, where it was warm, humid and very rainy, I didn't see a single mosquito.

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