Saturday, November 03, 2007

Acclimatisation in Cyprus

When we first came here, ten years ago, the temperatures were similar to this year's. 25C - or thereabouts - in the shade. Sunny, most of the day. Down to about 18C overnight.

I have never much liked heat, and can remember being miserable, convinced I would never survive if Cyprus was 'that hot'. I mentioned this to one of Richard's new colleagues, and she said, 'You think this is hot? Huh... just wait till next Summer. This is wonderfully cool by comparison.'

Not the most helpful or encouraging of comments, although of course she was correct. 25C is a great deal pleasanter than 35C, after all. But at the time, I felt it was unbearable. We went around in tee-shirts and shorts, astounded to see some of the local people in long trousers and even jackets. I tossed and turned all night with the heat...

Now here we are, ten years later, and I've been dressing in jeans since we got back from our travels just over a week ago. The house feels a very pleasant temperature. There's a lovely fresh breeze first thing in the morning. And I'm glad I put the light duvet on our bed last night, because it felt much more comfortable than just a sheet.

I now think of 20-25C as the perfect temperature for Spring and Autumn. I still don't go out much in the sunshine during the main part of the day as sunshine tends to give me a headache, but I'm certainly not complaining of the 'heat' any more.

[NB for any Americans reading, 25C is 77F]

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