Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Serious rain in Larnaka

Usually we've had at least one heavy downpour of rain by the end of October.

Not so this year. There was one brief overnight shower - apparently - in October, and another light shower of rain a couple of weeks ago, again overnight.

This morning I was awakened about 5am by the sound of rain. This time, instead of dying away within ten minutes, it continued. There was lightning and thunder, too. And heavy rain, which lasted for over an hour, off and on.

It's only a drop in the ocean - so to speak. Perhaps I should say a drop in the reservoirs. We need a LOT of rain this winter if we're not to find severe water restrictions next summer.

But still, it made a pleasant change. It settled the dust, and cleaned the rooftops and trees. And strangely, by about 8am the clouds had dispersed and the sun came out. It was still chilly, but has stayed sunny all day.

As I walked to the mother-and-toddler group where I help, this morning, I did wonder if I would see flooding along the road, as happened in February. Thankfully it wasn't that bad - I suppose two hours of rain couldn't produce that much water - but there were still a lot of puddles:

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mreddie said...

We have only had a few showers all summer and the pond behind the house has shrunk to "mud flats", with only about a tenth of the water still present. Hope both of us get some much needed rain. ec