Friday, November 09, 2007

Rain at last in Larnaka

We've now been back in Cyprus for two weeks, though it feels considerably longer.

Only a week ago I put the thin duvets on our beds. We weren't entirely sure we would need them, but we're very glad we have them now, only seven days later, since it's been a lot chillier at night. Not cold, exactly, but certainly under 20c in the house.

Last night it actually rained! Only for about ten minutes, but some of it sounded quite heavy. Unfortunately it was about 3am, and I didn't sleep much afterwards.

Cleo, our oldest and most nervous cat, is the most sensitive to cold. Perhaps because she was born during a Cyprus summer, so likes warm weather. At our old house, all the cats enjoyed the kerosene heater when it was on; Cleo, however, used to lie in front of it, rather pointedly, when it wasn't on, if she was feeling cold.

This house has double glazing so doesn't get nearly as cold as the other one did. It also has central heating, which, last winter, we ran for a couple of hours each morning and evening from about December to February, to take the chill off the house. Three of the cats were happy to sit on their usual chairs or beds, but Cleo liked to lie right in front of radiators.

We didn't realise that she was feeling cold last night (it wasn't THAT cold - even Richard was still just in a tee-shirt and light trousers). Cleo was dropping some pretty strong hints:

Richard will have to give the system a quick service before we switch it on; however the gas man did come this morning to fill up our huge gas tank, so we can start to use it any time. As soon as it starts getting really cold. But until we've decided we need to wear sweatshirts in the house, we really don't need the central heating!

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