Thursday, November 08, 2007

Slightly cooler in Cyprus

Yesterday the sky did look grey for some of the day. It was a bit windy, too. But it didn't rain.

Today I didn't wake up until 6.30am, for which I am very thankful. And it was surprisingly chilly when I opened one of the doors to let Sophia out. Pleasantly so: I enjoy early mornings at this time of year. People had been telling me that it would surely rain today but it didn't. At least, so far. The sky stayed clear and blue until it got dark.

Tim, as ever, is very busy. His theology course has a 'web CT' this week, involving considerable discussion and posting of articles. I gather it counts for half the coursework; it's the kind of thing he hoped to be doing with a correspondence course, and was disappointed last year that there was so little online discussion.

At lunch-time he went to chat to the Head of one of the local English-speaking private schools. He's hoping to do some volunteer work in classrooms, partly to see if he really does like the idea of primary teaching, and also partly because it will be useful on his UCAS form and future CV. He's hoping to transfer to a university in the UK next Autumn, either to continue theology or to start teacher training. A little ironic, considering that he was educated at home from the age of nine!

This afternoon he had a meeting with his Vicar to discuss music for the next few months. On the way home he bought some props he needs for leading Youth Group games tomorrow night. And in half an hour he'll be out again, to play for and direct his church choir. As I type, he's printing out Christmas music on the printer beside me, so I suppose they'll be starting that soon...

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