Sunday, January 13, 2008

Update on our various stresses

Just in case anyone wondered about the five things I mentioned that were rather stressful a few days ago...

1. It's been a cold week. The guy we bought the house from called round this evening, after Richard texted him yesterday. As soon as Richard told him 'error code 2' on the boiler, he looked at the gas. Our barrel is apparently down to only 15% full, and that's not enough to power the heating. I had wondered if the gas was running low, but the cooker hobs are working fine, and we thought 15% was plenty. Apparently not.

Of course nobody works on Sundays, but first thing tomorrow Richard will phone the gas man and ask him to come and deliver some more.

2. The youth group leader came to supper yesterday, read the various information required for an UCAS form referee, and said she would do it. She'll email her reference to Tim tomorrow, so he should be able to submit his form after that... a whole day earlier than the deadline. Wow.

3. Daniel DOES have his tickets for this week! He will fly to the UK from the Philippines on Tuesday, then spend a few days at the UK office, and a few more with each of his grandmothers. He may try and visit some local friends while there. It works out really well, because it means he can fly back to Cyprus with Richard, who's going to the USA and coming back via the UK.

So... Daniel should be home in just over two weeks!! We're so excited. He has never seen this house, which we've now lived in for 18 months.

4. UK taxes. Hmm. We were going to do those this afternoon, but Richard worked on his boat instead. We were going to do them this evening, but he's watching another episode of 'West Wing' with Tim. Maybe tomorrow...

5. Still no sign of Jemima. But we've rather given up hope anyway. I'm being a lot more careful with the other three, ensuring they're all in at night, and we're hoping to get a cat flap fitted in one of our back doors.

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