Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weather in April, and a trip out of Cyprus

It's been very grey the last few days, with a few spots of rain, although nothing significant. Much cooler too - only about 20C. So we're back in sweatshirts and fleeces.

We're about to depart the island for four days, and visit Egypt. Eleven years ago, before we moved here, one of Richard's selling points was that we were very close to Egypt, so the boys could go and see the pyramids.

Since then, Richard has been several times for meetings (although he has never been to see the pyramids) but the rest of us have not. Since Daniel is still here on furlough, and we're unlikely to be all together again for some years, we decided to take a mini-holiday - and use up some of Richard's air miles - and visit Cairo, doing all the tourist stuff.

So we're going this afternoon, returning Monday. Our usual friend will come and cat-sit, and look after the house.

Yesterday I looked up the Cairo weather, assuming it would be much like that of Cyprus, perhaps a degree or two hotter. I was slightly horrified to see that on Sunday it's predicted to be 35C and on Monday 37C!! We don't usually get that kind of heat even in July and August in Cyprus.

I suppose I should think about packing.

Normal service should be resumed next Tuesday...

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