Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Purple trees in Larnaka, Cyprus

Usually, I love seeing blossom on trees. We don't have just one month for blossom in Cyprus; it starts with the almond trees (gorgeous white blossom) in about February, and then progresses through various other trees - whites and pinks and yellows - as the spring progresses.

Then suddenly, in May, we start to see purple blossom. Lots of it, particularly along Fanoroumani Street, where we walk to and from the town.

I have nothing against purple as a colour. But for some reason, I find it - or at least, this shade of purple - slightly disturbing on trees. It's really quite nice-looking blossom:

But there are so many of these trees in Larnaka! For most of the year, they're fairly ordinary looking, then one day they're all covered in purple.

I don't even know what they are. Maybe the problem is that the colour really does NOT go with the bright blue of the Cyprus sky in May.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics
I love the look of the purple blossom ! Would love to be able to see it for myself - not been to Cyprus since last September. Your blog keeps me in touch but makes me long to be there !!

david santos said...

Excellent post and nice colors.
Have a nice day

Steve Hayes said...

They look a bit like jacarandas, at least the flower colours do, though the shapes of the trees look a bit different.

Sue said...

Thanks, Steve - yes, I think they must be jacarandas. I've googled and the flower shape seems to be the same too. Perhaps ours are a bit sparser than yours due to the drought.

Steve Hayes said...


I looked at your pictures more closely, and I think the only difference is that your trees seem to be younger. They are well established in Pretoria, and are a trademark of the city, though they are exotic, and originate in South America.

They are always the last trees to lose their leaves in winter, and among the last to bloom in spring.

Robin Pedrero said...


I was googling purple trees becasue I paint them in my artwork and came across your blog. Those are gorgeous blossoms.