Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer is here

Even though it's not yet as hot or humid as it will be in July, it feels as if Summer is well and truly here, at least in Larnaka. Daytime temperatures are up to about 30C, although the early mornings are still pleasantly cool. I'm trying to avoid being outside between the hours of about 9am and 5pm.

We're just using a sheet as bed covering - the duvets have gone away - and we've been using the air conditioners in the bedroom for an hour or so while going to sleep. We don't yet need them on all night, and haven't used them in the daytime yet, either. But still, I feel lethargic and tired... I shall be glad to be in the UK in a couple of weeks, and for all of July.

As for the mains water: for the past fortnight it's been on every other day, from about 9am to 7pm. So although that's not as good as it was when the restrictions started, it's easy enough to cope with. The water tanks hold more than sufficient for loo-flushing, showers, and even running the dishwasher twice, as well as bits and pieces of extra washing up. I only run the washing machine on days when the mains is on, and since it's so warm everything dries very quickly on the line, so I can easily do two loads in one day.

There's not much more to say, really. If I were going to be here all summer, I'd be getting into 'estivation' mode. It still seems strange to me that people choose to come here in the Summer... Cyprus in Spring or Autumn is lovely, and in the Winter it's not bad - but in the Summer, all I want to do is crash out and sleep.


Anvilcloud said...

About the same as here today -- it's about 32°C here right now -- 4:00PM Sunday.

Buffy said...

It's about 19 degrees in England now, still raining on and off. I agree with you that England is the place to be in July and August. We were in Greece in April a couple of years ago and the weather was lovely. I imagine it's far too hot in the height of summer. My teenage stepson is off to Greece with his friends in August. As his aunt said, has anyone warned Greece?