Monday, September 15, 2008

Litter in Larnaka

People in Cyprus not only waste the seriously limited water in unbelievable amounts - watering not just their plants with hosepipes, but their cars, their patios, and even the pavement outside their homes - but they also seem to drop litter without even thinking about it. The only reason the towns are so clean, on the whole, is that there are men going around picking up after them almost continually.

Junk mail is a problem - we get wodges of it in our house letter box every week, advertising everything from learning English to inexpensive meat. There's no recycling facility, other than in Dekhelia, so unless friends are going there anyway, we reluctantly have to throw it all away. It seems such a waste.

Sometimes there's junk mail in our PO Box too. Not a huge amount - I suppose companies have to pay more for the postmistress to deliver one per box. And I've no idea why they do. I always take ours home, so I can throw it away tidily, but other people just drop it on the ground. This is what I saw this morning:

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