Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday again. Time flies.

I feel as if I should have a lot of time to Get Things Done, now I'm alone in the house most days, while Richard is at work. It's still hot in Cyprus, but considerably less humid. So much so that I didn't run the air conditioning in our bedroom at all last night - not even the hour or two while we get to sleep. Nor am I running it for so long in the study during the daytime.

But time seems to rush by, faster and faster. I do my morning chores around the house fairly early. On Monday I then went to the PO Box to check for mail - about a mile's walk each way - and then caught up on the accounts on the computer. Tuesday saw the re-opening of the local mothers-and-toddlers group where I help in the kitchen. It's now re-named 'Tots and co' since it's not always mothers who bring their small children these days.

On Wednesday I went to the Craft and Hobby Centre for a frappé and a meeting with the Tots and co leader and other helpers. On Thursday I always change sheets on the bed, dust, clean and mop the upstairs and clean the bathroom. On Friday we do our supermarket shopping for the week.

All of which seems to take care of the mornings, at least till about noon. But I thought in the afternoons I might resume my study of Greek, and do a great deal more writing. I have written and uploaded two new pages for my home education site this week, but I seem to spend much of my time on email, forums, and reading other blogs. Oh, and looking for crockpot/slow-cooker recipes.

It's my turn to do the main course for our house group meal tonight, and I was determined to use our crockpot for the first time. In the end I opted for French Stew, a dish I've made in the oven many times, which I know can also be done in a slow-cooker. It will be interesting to see how successful it is. Or otherwise.

Tomorrow Richard expects to go sailing, as usual, with someone from our house group. I shall do the ironing, and perhaps try something else in the slow cooker. The problem with having a large one is that it makes meals for eight people, which is a little excessive with just two of us. Then again, we can think of it as four meals for two, of which three can be frozen and re-heated in future.

Then I'll see if I can get some more writing done.

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