Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cats again

In the absence of my sons, I seem to have been taking a lot of photos of the cats recently.

Here's Tessie, pretending to be a pair of shoes:

Sophia, trying to disguise herself as a fluffy turtle:

Cleo, convinced she has hidden herself from the rest of us:

And finally, if anyone's remotely interested, my desk. Reasonably tidy for once, and - of course - Sophia sitting just behind it. Or in front of it, depending on your viewpoint. I like my back against the wall so I'm facing the door when I'm typing. One of my favourite photos of Daniel and Tim is on my computer screen desktop.

And yes, even in mid-November, it's still bright and sunny outside, albeit a bit chillier than it has been. Richard is servicing the central heating as I type, since we need to start using it in the evenings soon.


MsTypo said...

Central heating? Dang how cold is it there? I knew it wasn't swimming weather but i didn't think it was time for winter woolies either. LOL

Hubby is now talking about buying a summer home there.

Sue said...

Daytime still around 20C, but down to around 14 or less overnight. With tiled floors, it can feel pretty chilly. I'm sitting here in a sweater AND a thin fleece right now, nearly 4pm on Sunday, and we actually did use the central heating for an hour or two last night, for the first time. By January it will sometimes be down to 5C or less overnight, and houses without central heating feel VERY cold :-(