Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cats in Tim's room

When Tim left home last Summer, the cats wandered in and out of his room occasionally. Cleo sometimes slept on his bed, since she likes her privacy, but since Tim was no longer there, the other two mostly preferred to be with us.

Then in mid-November we switched our central heating on. It seemed pointless to continue to heat Tim's room, so I turned his radiator off, and kept the door closed.

About once a week I've gone in to dust and mop, when I do the rest of the upstairs. When I do that, sometimes one of the cats will rush in, and look around, and perhaps get on the bed for a few minutes. They don't find it very interesting, usually, and don't stay long. If one of them does fall asleep in there, I remove her when I go out and close the door.

As I type, Tim is flying to Cyprus for a 12-day break over Easter.

So this morning, I gave his room another clean, and made up the bed. I left the door open, and it didn't take the cats long to discover it.

First Sophia curled up on his beanbag:

I suppose it made a change from her sleeping on the beanbag in my study.

Then Cleo decided to sleep on the blanket at the end of Tim's bed.

I don't know if he'll need the blanket; weather has been warmer recently, but today it's poured with rain and feels a bit chillier again.

Five minutes later, Tessie arrived. She and Cleo do not like each other, and hissed a bit. But then Tessie jumped up on the bed too and curled up to sleep:

So for a couple of hours, at least, all three cats were happily asleep in Tim's bedroom:

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