Monday, November 16, 2009

There's a rainbow in the sky...

I love rainbows. They're a symbol of hope, of sunshine at the end of rain. Or, in Cyprus, of rain at the end of sunshine!

So when, as happened about half an hour ago, I heard rain outside but saw that the sun was still out despite clouds, I raced for my camera:

The rain only lasted about five minutes. Now the sky is somewhat cloudy, somewhat blue. Showers were predicted today, although I expect a little more than that.

The weather site is showing sunshine for the rest of the week, albeit a little cooler than recently. But according to a weather prophet reported in the Cyprus Mail, the heavens will open on Wednesday, with torrential rain, the heaviest so far this year. He also predicts that there will be so much rain and snow that all the Cyprus reservoirs will be filled by the end of the spring.

It would be wonderful if he is correct. So I will be very interested to see what happens on Wednesday...

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Suzanne said...

Let's hope the prophet is right. Enjoy your cooler weather.