Friday, April 23, 2010

Out of Cyprus: day in Alcester

On Wednesday, we spent the day in Alcester with my father. We caught up on the past six months or so - including being reassured that he's recovering well from his bypass surgery in February - and I had more birthday presents. Then we had an excellent lunch, and Tim installed some hardware for him.

Then we all went out on a walk to a nearby nature trail. I am really appreciating the UK in the spring, which is very different from Cyprus springtime. Not so warm, but we've had sunshine every day so far. Not a drop of rain, although I gather some is predicted for tomorrow.

We rarely see ducks in Cyprus:

and we thought this bridge rather spectacular, with the reflection:

I was intrigued by this tree, with roots growing on the outside:

On the way back we walked through Alcester village, where some of the houses look as if they should have fallen down a long time ago:

We also walked around the churchyard, and saw this slightly unusual clock, angled so that everyone in the town can see it:

We had some tea, but Tim was feeling tired and a bit migrainey so we left around 7.15, and were back in Birmingham by 8pm... and then played another game of Settlers of Catan.

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