Monday, August 09, 2010

Tim in Cyprus for a couple of weeks :-)

Part of the pattern that comes with our now empty nest is that our 'chicks' arrive for holiday, although from our perspective they are never long enough. Just over two weeks ago, Daniel departed after his furlough. And last Thursday, in the very early hours, Tim arrived. He's only here for a fortnight, so we're making the most of it.

Naturally he had to get to know the youngest of our local friends, Elisabeth, who is now two months old:

He also wanted to play a 'proper' board game of Ticket to Ride; prior to this he had only played the online version:

Of course we have played Settlers of Catan too. Two regular six-person games with our friends, and one three-person Cities and Knights game so far. Tim has won them all.

We went to the beach on Friday evening, with our friends. The sea was so warm it felt almost like bath-water, although thankfully the weather isn't quite as hot as it was a week ago.

This morning Tim popped into the children's holiday club run by Larnaka Community Church, since some of his friends were helping there. He was welcomed by the leaders, and ended up staying to help. He is planning to be a primary school teacher in a few years, so the 5-11 age range is his favourite to work with. He will probably return for the rest of the week. This afternoon he's looking after two sons and a friend of our friends, probably playing Carcassonne with them.

On Saturday evening some friends came for a meal. More friends are coming tomorrow, and yet more for Sunday lunch next Sunday. Tim played the piano at St Helena's church service yesterday, and will do so again next week. It doesn't sound like a particularly restful break to me, but he likes to be busy.

Tim is particularly pleased to be back with the cats. Tessie, who considers him her personal property, is thrilled to have him home:

Cleo is pleased to see him too. It's only Sophia who is still a little disgruntled that Daniel didn't come back too...

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Suzanne said...

Hello to Tim for us please. Also FYI for all of the 4-14 window. It's a relative new movement that looks exciting. I think Tim would find it very interesting.
Glad your weather is a little cooler...we are still having 100 F and more and it looks like at least another week. We're heading to the Colorado Mountains next week and it will be cooler there. Enjoy your time with Tim...Sz