Tuesday, November 02, 2010

November in Cyprus

So many people visit this blog to find out about the weather in Cyprus, that I thought it was time for an update.

On Saturday night, we moved the clocks back - along with the rest of Europe - to signify the end of Summer time. There had been a few minor rain showers during the day - just enough to wet the ground slightly. Nothing significant.

On Sunday, in celebration of this fact (and since it felt pleasantly cool in the morning) I put on long trousers. I also found my most comfortable trainers ,and put on some socks. In the evening, I even found a light jacket - the first I had needed for many months. At no time did I feel too warm.

On Monday, I dug out my favourite jeans. On Mondays, I usually walk down to our PO Box to check for mail. I didn't leave until about 9.00, which of course was 10.00 by last week's time. Would I be too warm in jeans and trainers? It was the ultimate test.

I'm pleased to report that, although I did feel fairly warm by the time I was home again - an hour later, since I popped into a couple of shops while I was in the town - I didn't feel over-warm. I had no compulsion to remove my shoes and socks, or to return to shorts.

And here I am, Tuesday evening at 6.30, with the light jacket on again. I do like the beginning of Autumn. Sometimes by mid-November it can feel distinctly chilly in Cyprus.

For anyone who wants the detail, my favourite (and generally the most accurate) weather website tells me that it's currently 20C (that's 68F). Possibly a little warmer in the house, but no longer the extreme temperatures of summer. The ten-day forecast informs us that the highest daytime temperatures will be no more than 27C (80F), while night-time temperatures are likely to drop to a chilly 16C (60F). We're using our thin (4.5 tog) summer quilt on the bed at present, but may soon have to think about moving to the medium (9 tog) one.

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Tui Snider said...

Hi! This is my first time on your blog. I found you through NaBloPoMo. Nice to meet you. I will be back through the month to see what's going on. ~Tui