Friday, November 19, 2010

Warm November weather in Cyprus

After tomorrow we will be two-thirds of the way through November. And while the weather here in Cyprus is undoubtedly much more pleasant than it was during the summer, it still hasn't turned into winter. My memory is of that happening after about the first ten days of November, previous years. One day we would be going around in tee-shirts and sandals, the next we'd be digging out socks and sweatshirts. We'd move from our thin duvet to the thicker one, and wonder if we needed them both together. We'd suddenly remember that Richard hadn't yet serviced the central heating, but really wish we could switch it on anyway.

However, that hasn't happened so far this year. The temperature today was 27C in the shade. I'm wearing jeans rather than shorts - I've been doing so for a month or so now - but have not yet got out any sweatshirts. I do have a very light-weight zip-up jacket which I'm wearing, sometimes, in the evening. And I'm using my winter dressing-gown first thing in the morning. Overnight temperatures are about 14-15C, and we definitely need the thin duvet.

But I've only once needed the electric water heater. Richard's planning to service the central heating tomorrow, although even he hasn't suggested that we might switch it on, so far. The ten-day forecast shows sunshine, with daytime temperatures of 25-27C.

There are times during the summer when I rather wish we were in the UK rather than Cyprus. But right now, hearing of frosts and rainy, grey days in the UK, I'm more than contented to be living in Cyprus. No doubt a cold spell will hit eventually, but in the meantime this dry, warm weather is just about perfect.

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