Thursday, November 18, 2010

Junk mail in Cyprus

I've mentioned, fairly regularly, how we seem to get a vast amount of junk mail here in Cyprus. We see people going around, often on motor-bikes, stuffing brochures and leaflets into mail boxes. Nearly every day there's something. I do usually give it a quick glance before throwing it out. Occasionally we've spotted something we wanted, on special offer. Or a new shop that might be worth a visit.

Just occasionally, as happened in September, there's something useful such as our recycling pack, which was mixed up in junk mail. From that date, other advertising bumph has gone to paper recycling rather than the bin.

A couple of days ago, Richard came in carrying this:

Inside was this:

which we assume is a new kind of fluid for the washing machine. The pictures do indicate that it's for clothes rather than dishes, although the leaflet is entirely in Greek.

I haven't used it yet, but since we were given this free gift from Dixan, I thought I would at least mention it here. I normally use large boxes of Ariel washing powder (at about half the strength recommended) but am always happy to try out something new. Particularly if it's given to us.

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