Friday, February 11, 2011

Strawberries in Cyprus

Strawberries often start to appear in the shops in Cyprus in January, but are usually extremely over-priced. I generally ignore them until they're more plentiful and less expensive. So I was pleased - and a little surprised - to find strawberries in the 'pink bag' reduced aisle of our favourite froutaria about a week ago. They were still rather more expensive than they will be in a few months, but not unreasonable.. and they looked very good. So I bought a couple of handfuls.

I cut them up and we shared them after our evening meal:

They tasted almost as good as they looked. Though not quite. Strawberries are often just slightly disappointing in Cyprus. It's one of the things that the UK does a great deal better.

Why, you might ask, did I buy and photograph them a week ago, but am only writing about them today?

It's only today, for the first time in several weeks, that I begin to feel as if my cough is finally better. Or nearly so. It's been a strange three weeks, feeling physically all right, albeit extra-tired at times, but with no real energy or motivation for anything. And those horrible bouts of coughing, leaving me exhausted.

Still, I've managed to get out to the fruitaria two or three times each week - it's only five minutes' walk from our home, and I'm sure the sunshine is good for me, even though it's been cold enough to wear a jacket or fleece as well as a sweatshirt. I've kept a lookout for more strawberries, but there are only the over-priced punnets. So we probably won't have any more for a few weeks now.


Elena said...

The strawberries looks lovely. A good vitamine injection. Here in Sweden we where surprised with 20 cm snow today. No strawberries in sight in many months still. Take care.

Anvilcloud said...

Are they coughing in Cyprus too? I just talked to a friend who has travelled recently, and he said they're coughing all over North America these days.

Jawara Kampung Site said...

waow is nice...

lilegyptiangoddess said...

I thought I saw fruit on sale in Theopanies! Might need to go buy some now.