Saturday, April 02, 2011

Achna Discount in Cyprus

On Wednesday, I needed some fruit. I also wanted some kitchen roll and a small jar of mayonnaise (one day I shall experiment with making mayo... but for now we buy it). So I thought of popping into Orphanides Express on my way to the froutaria... then decided that, instead, I would have a look in Achna Discount... a store which opened at the start of February.

Or, rather, the shop as such re-opened; until about six months ago it was Tesco Express. I liked Tesco Express; it sold things I couldn't find anywhere else, such as 1.5kg bags of wholegrain bread flour, and excellent value oats. Unfortunately, there seemed to be longer and longer gaps between deliveries. The shelves grew emptier and emptier. Every time I popped in, I was assured that flour would be coming 'next week' or perhaps 'by the end of the month'. But it never came. And then it closed, and sat there empty for a while.

So I was interested to see what Achna Discount would sell. I assume it's an extension of the Achna Froutaria, a shop I visit at least twice per week, often three times. They sell other things as well as fruit and vegetables, and seem to be doing well - it's popular with Cypriots and usually busy. So I wandered round the new small supermarket a couple of times, but didn't see anything of great interest.

However, I assumed they would sell kitchen roll, at least. And, indeed, they did. Two packets of three for the price of one... or six rolls for just over two euros. Not bad, I thought. I spotted a small jar of Helleman's mayonnaise, too, so picked that up. And then saw that they were selling pure fruit juice for 90c/litre. We rarely buy pure fruit juice - it's very expensive in Cyprus, generally (well over a euro per litre) and much cheaper to juice one's own fruit. I mostly drink water anyway, But we like to keep a little juice in, for when we have visitors, or if Richard wants a drink in the middle of the night.

I don't yet know what the quality is like - we've tried cheaper brands in the past and been disappointed - but if it's any good, I'll be going there again any time we seem to be running out of packet juice.

I hope Achna Discount lasts rather longer than Tesco Express did.

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