Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our 31st anniversary... and my 1000th post!

It seems somehow appropriate that my thousandth post on this blog - started over six years ago - should be about the celebration of another wedding anniversary. Not that 31 is a particularly significant number (unless you are interested in the different kinds of prime numbers in which case there's a detailed Wikipedia article about the number 31.) Last year's 30th ('pearl') anniversary was more of a milestone. But this is the year in which Daniel was married, and Tim finished his degree... and it could have been easy to forget about our wedding anniversary.

We have a guest staying in the guest flat but he was invited out to a meal with some other friends, so we decided to take Tim out with us for a meal. Last year only Daniel was with us - and while we liked to spend our anniversaries on our own, where possible, when the boys were younger, it's now a treat to have either of them with us.

Since we only eat out a handful of times each year, we don't know many restaurants in Larnaka. We didn't want anywhere with hot or spicy food in a Cyprus summer, and we didn't really want to try anywhere new that might prove disastrous. So, perhaps unadventurously, we opted for our favourite of the sea-front restaurants, Alexander's.

Tim took some photos of us, for the record, with his good camera, and I think this is probably the best of them:

Then I did manage to take one of him:

Since Richard and Tim both attempt to be dairy-free in their eating, we knew there were no Alexander's desserts that would be appropriate. So afterwards we drove along the sea-front towards McKenzie and the yogurt ice cream shop which also does regular ice cream, including some sorbets.

Richard opted for strawberry sorbet:

Tim decided on peach:

I was going to have a yogurt ice cream with fruit, but the strawberry sorbet looked rather good, as did the 'coconut/bounty' ice cream. So I had a scoop of each:

Alas, they were rather disappointing. The coconut ice cream wasn't bad, but the strawberry sorbet tasted very artificial. And the peach, as Tim said, tasted as if it had been made with canned peaches in syrup.

Still, they were cooling and refreshing. And the ingredients can't have been too bad since I didn't develop a migraine the following morning.

We arrived home again about 8.30 and Tim suggested a game of 'Ticket to Ride', since he had not played it for about six months. Cleo was delighted when we took the lid off the box:

It was quite an interesting game, which I thought Richard would win since he (playing red) took the only eight-train-track (worth 21 points) and had a lot of different missions. Tim (playing blue) took several extras too, and it was clear that some of the new ones overlapped perfectly with the routes he had already played.

However, I (playing yellow) managed, rather neatly (I thought) to play all my trains AND all my train cards. I only completed the original three missions I had kept at the start of the game, but I gained an extra ten points from the longest contiguous route, and I had not used any stations... and since Richard failed to complete one of his routes, I won:

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