Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Returning to Cyprus, and cooler weather

It's three weeks since I last wrote. The rest of the week after Tim's graduation raced past, with visits to and from other family members, meeting friends, and, of course, a few more Catan games. We said goodbye to our sons and daughter-in-law at the end of October and drove down to Sussex for a couple of days with Richard's mother, than back from Gatwick Airport nearly two weeks ago.

I know from experience that jet-lag is far worse coming this way. Not that I was particularly tired, but my brain feels foggy and unable to think creatively. It's only this week that I'm really feeling like myself again. Still, I did manage to do a few important jobs such as sorting the freezer out again, and baking this year's Christmas cake.

The day after we flew home, I walked down into town to our PO Box, relishing the rather cooler weather, and forgetting just how early the sun now sets, since the clock change. And having been out of Cyprus for nearly three weeks, I was aware of the skyline again as I walked home - so typical of Cyprus with the white buildings decorated with water tank and solar panels, the pine trees, and the wasteland, mostly brown after a dry summer:

I liked the colour of the sky, too, and the clouds which suggested that it wouldn't be too long before some rain:

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