Thursday, November 17, 2011

Water, water everywhere...

Our friends who stayed for a week left on Sunday night. The week of their stay had been fairly warm, with lots of sunshine. We had warned them that November in Cyprus can be quite chilly... and they returned to the UK just in time. On Monday, I woke to grey skies. I did manage to get out to the PO Box, the bank and the fruit shop, but by the time I got home again, around 10.30am, the sky was even greyer, thunder was rumbling around, and there was continual drizzle.

Unusually for Cyprus, the rain continued all day. Without a break. And got heavier and heavier, accompanied by some wind. Usually when it rains, it's torrential for an hour or so, and then the sun comes out. But we didn't see any sunshine at all on Monday. Rain came through our roof, and the wind was so strong that it also managed to come in a couple of other spots, in our bathroom ceiling and even in our bedroom. There must be more cracked tiles.

The sun did come out for about half an hour on Tuesday, but was followed by yet more rain. I don't think I have ever seen the street look so consistently wet:

The house was getting cold, too. Despite wearing four layers of clothing, I was chilly. So Richard decided that the time had come to service our central heating. That meant checking the pumps, basically, and making sure the boiler was working:

It didn't take all that long, and there wasn't much air in the radiators. So, happily, we now have the heating coming on both morning and evening when the house is less than 15C. As it has been.

It rained again on Wednesday. It's very good for the island, which so often suffers from lack of water. However, houses are not very well optimised for this kind of weather, and there have been flooded basements and leaking roofs all over the place. The Cyprus Mail reported that excessive rain caused problems - however, it IS good news that there has been so much rain so early in the winter, and that the reservoirs are now filling up rapidly.

We have our strategically placed bucket and cool-box as usual on the stairs to catch the worst of our leaks:

Today was dry, and even quite sunny in the morning, but tomorrow is supposed to be another day of continual rain...

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