Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another sunrise over the Salt Lake

This morning, my friend Sheila had to be home by 7.30 and we were both awake by 5.45am, so we set out for our walk at about six o'clock, having agreed this by mobile phone texts, as usual. 

I thought it would be quite dark at that hour, now we're almost in December, but was surprised that there was a fair amount of visibility. There weren't many clouds, and I'm sure that helped. 

I thought it would be cold, too. I gave up on shorts some weeks ago, and now wear warm jogging trousers (made of sweatshirt material). Up to now I've also been wearing a very light zip-up top, but today wore a warmer cardigan. It wasn't COLD out, exactly, but it was decidedly on the chilly side, though not as bad as I feared.

Once we started walking along the Salt Lake trail, we felt a bit warmer, although I didn't reach the stage of taking my cardigan off! 

We walked to the aqueduct, as usual, and on the way back had to shield our eyes from the brightness of the sun.  Digital cameras have the great advantage that one can look at the display on the back for photos like this:

As usual, it's only a pale reflection of what the reality was. 

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