Friday, November 30, 2012

More Fairtrade chocolate in Larnaka!

It's only a couple of weeks ago when I wrote about the fact that a small amount of fairly traded Cadbury's chocolate was starting to appear in Larnaka supermarkets. In the interests of promoting slave-free chocolate, I've bought one or two of these products since then - and was interested to note that the 'Bubbly' chocolate with the fairtrade logo was disappearing from the shelves of our local supermarket much more rapidly than the bars without the logo. 

Today I went into Achna Discount, a very small mini-market connected to our favourite fruitaria. Apparently they must recently have had a new shipment including some chocolate from the UK, because I was very pleased to spot the Fairtrade logo in evidence on the first shelf that met my eyes as I walked in. 

I was also pleased to note that the prices were a lot more reasonable than those in the supermarkets. So, in the interests of research (and of course promoting slave-free chocolate) I thought I should buy a selection: 

The logo doesn't show in the photo on the Bubbly bars, but is definitely there. And they were just €1.35 each (for a 90g bar), considerably less expensive than the €1.89 or so in other places. I was particularly pleased to see regular Dairy Milk that was fairly traded - better value still, just €1.39 for a 120g bar.  The final product is listed as children's chocolate - six mini bars, total weight 124g, for €1.35. The best value of all.

Of course these products, like the ones we've seen already, are basically just Dairy Milk in other forms. A pity there's no dark chocolate that's fairly traded, or fruit and nut... but still. It's a good start.  Chocolate in moderation is supposedly good for our health, buying this will support fair trade AND local small shops in Cyprus...

Besides, I'm now walking at least 20-25km per week, at around 6km/hour.  I don't think I'm eating any more in general, so I will be at about 1300 calorie deficit each week, according to one online calculator I found.  I don't want to lose weight... so clearly it behoves me to eat an extra 1000 calories or so... which can found in just 200g Dairy Milk chocolate.


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