Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another walk and some vanishing trees

My early morning walks with Sheila have turned into a pleasant, regular habit three times per week. We communicate via text when we have both woken up, and usually leave our respective homes somewhere between about 6.00 and 6.15am. It's a pleasant time of day... or has been. Today there was quite a chill in the air, and I was glad of my long trousers and light jacket.
As we approached the Salt Lake trail, the area seemed lighter than usual. There was a gap, where previously there had not been a gap:

I'm not particularly observant, particularly at that time in the morning, but Sheila commented that this empty ground had been full of trees and bushes only yesterday. 

We didn't walk quite as quickly as usual, because Sheila's youngest daughter was with us, half asleep on her back. And while the sunrise wasn't as stunning as some of the recent ones we've seen, I took a photo anyway - most of the picture appears darker than it was in reality due to the sun shining so brightly:

On our way back, the newly cleared area was even barer looking, and a digger of some kind was busy taking out more trees:

We have no idea why this would be happening. Perhaps it's related to the new sewerage pipes. Or maybe they're even going to build more houses here, although it seems unlikely; there are far too many construction sites already, either half-done, or lying empty. 

When I arrived home and took my shoes off, I was greeted by Tessie who was very happy to have my shoe box entirely to herself: 

Still, I did manage to get one of my shoes in...

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Hlithio Agrino said...

There's something vanishing faster than the trees.

The people with the knwoledge of what to do with them.