Saturday, December 08, 2012

A wet week, and some clearer flamingoes

After a fairly dry and mild few weeks, we've had rain again. Not the more normal torrential downpours that we used to experience in Cyprus, but the more useful British style rain, that is continuous for hours, with grey skies and a general chill in the air. On Wednesday it had been cold enough overnight that when I changed our duvet cover, I put both the thin and the warmer one together, to make an extra-thick covering at night.

Thursday morning I woke up to the sound of steady rain. Sheila and I had a brief conversation via mobile phone texts, deciding that we would not venture out to the Salt Lake trail, which would undoubtedly be very muddy. However we thought we would have at least a short walk in the park. 

It's hard to capture an image of rain... this is a puddle and the white dots are, I think, rain falling: 

I was wearing a light waterproof jacket with a hood, Sheila was armed with an umbrella:

We walked for half an hour or so, but it wasn't very inspiring. It rained off and on for most of Thursday, and Friday too.

This morning, however, dawned clear and sunny and we set off for the usual trail. It was rather muddy in places so we didn't go particularly fast, but managed 8km, plus the distance to the trail (about another kilometre from our house). 

Flamingoes, once again, were in evidence, and came out a great deal better in this photo. I like seeing the wind farms on the hillsides too:  

There really do seem to be thousands of the flamingoes this year... 

Afterwards, we walked to the fruit stall where I bought some tomatoes on special offer, and then saw a crate of mangoes for one euro! I managed to give some of them away, but still had four large mangoes - over 2kg - to process fairly quickly as they were a bit bruised. So I made another batch of mango chutney today. As well as three Christmas puddings, a crockpot curry for the evening, and some more dehydrated fruit (including a little mango). 

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