Monday, May 20, 2013

Family in Cyprus, and a lot of games :-)

We arrived back in Cyprus just over two weeks ago. It feels like months.  Sometimes it seems as if we have two completely different lives, each of which comes into focus as we arrive at our destination, while the other grows a little dimmer.  

 Two days after we returned, Daniel and Becky arrived for three weeks of holiday.  It was great to see them, and naturally we introduced them to our new game Agricola:

Later on, we played a round of Seafarers of Catan, while Cleo relaxed in the box lid: 

Agricola is quite a complicated game to learn, so the following day we tried again: 

On Friday, Tim arrived too; he's coming to live in Cyprus for a couple of years, which we're very pleased about.  We played some games with him too... and on Sunday, our friends came over, as they do every other week, this time with visiting parents.  We didn't have any board games that eight people could play, so one end of the table played Dixit: 

While the other end played Settlers of Catan: 

A few days later we had some other friends over for a meal and games - they had a visiting daughter and niece, making nine of us.  So, once again, we decided on two separate games. For some reason we divided by generations, the younger folk playing Dixit at one end of the table: 

While we chronologically challenged parents had a round of Tabloid Teasers: 

We've also played Bohnanza, Ligretto, Cities and Knights, Ticket to Ride, more Settlers, more Agricola.... almost every day we've played at least one board game. 

Then Tim set up an old computer to play simple computer games that he and Daniel remember fondly from about ten to twelve years ago.  There's something oddly aging about one's own offspring feeling nostalgic about games from their childhood... but they've all been enjoying them very much. I think this one was 'Worms, Armageddon':


Steve Hayes said...

Wow, so many different games -- and I must confess that I haven't heard of any of them!

What happened to chess, draughts, and snakes and ladders?

Sue said...

Hmm, well Snakes and Ladders has no skill, so I'm not keen on playing that even with little ones! Chess and draughts are the other extreme, all skill and no luck, and can only be played by two people at a time, and they're not the social experience of the ones we usually play. We do also have more traditional games such as Scrabble and Rummikub; I think we even have a Monopoly somewhere, but that's a game I tend to boycott.