Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sunrise... and moonset?

When I started walking along the Salt Lake trail last year, I knew I might get a bit fitter and hoped I would enjoy the exercise and spending time with my friend Sheila. What I didn't expect was to see some awesome sunrises. I have posted many photos on this blog, but can't resist trying to capture more of them, even when there aren't many clouds in the sky.

Recently I caught the sun just as it was about to come over the horizon; the time, according to the camera, was 6.55 am: 

We could almost see the sun moving (or, as Linus van Pelt would have put it, the earth turning...) so that just five minutes later, it was totally visible:

(Not, I hasten to add, that I stared at it. The display at the back of a digital camera makes it so much easier to take direct photos into the sun).

Today there was a huge moon, which was gloriously visible from the trail. Not that it looks anywhere near so large in a photo, but here it is at 6.44am: 

Of course the moon was going down rather than up -and it occurred to me to wonder if we ever talk about moonrise and moonset. I haven't heard the words, but am not sure why.  

Five minutes later, and the sky was pink, the moon about to vanish over the horizon: 


M. Evripidou said...

I agree Lady's mile has some lovely sunsets and sunrises. Especially if itt has some clouds

Steve Hayes said...

I did it the other way round, taking pictures of sunset and moonrise in the Okavango Delta -- you can see them here A day in Maun and another boat ride | Notes from underground.

And, as you can see, I do use the terms moonrise and moonset. Moonrise and sunset, and sunrise and moonset, will always coincide (more or less) at the time of the full moon.