Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello and Goodbye...

Two weeks into April, and I'm enjoying the fact that the weather is still relatively cool; it hasn't been more than about 21C [70F] and today was quite grey, so I have worn a sweatshirt all day. It even rained this afternoon, for the first time in weeks.

The past couple of weeks have seen a series of 'goodbye' scenarios, something which is all too common in Cyprus.

But first, a couple of days before the end of March, there was a surprising new arrival on our utility balcony, which I discovered when I went to get our vacuum cleaner out. There, sitting in an empty box, was a rather pretty grey tabby cat.

Alas, her temper did not match her appearance:

She hissed and spat, and let me know that I was not at all welcome. I assumed she had simply slept there, and would vanish... but she was still there when I returned to put the vacuum cleaner away. Since I didn't really want my hands ripped to shreds, I put it somewhere else.

Gradually I realised that she had kittens in the box, and was being very protective. I gave her a bit of food and some water, but she was not appreciative, although I noticed later that the food had gone.  

She stayed about twelve days, hissing viciously every time I went near, batting away my attempts to give her food (although she did eat it). She terrified our cats, who still don't want to go on the balcony, even three days after her departure, and she didn't use the cat litter that sits on the balcony. However she didn't make any messes or smells, and when she finally removed the kittens - we have no idea where - she left her temporary lodgings quite clean. 

Meanwhile, our good friends Mark and Joan returned to Cyprus for just a few weeks to close down their apartment, since they are returning to the US. They spent their last couple of nights here in our guest flat, since most of their belongings were sent by freight. 

We're going to miss them.

The day after they flew, another good friend called in to return some books she had borrowed... but she didn't take any more. She and her husband are also leaving Cyprus, returning to the UK. They're keeping on their apartment here, so will be back for holidays, but it won't be the same.

Then on Friday we said a temporary goodbye to Tim who flew to the UK to spend his Easter break with various family members, and is then going to be the 'best man' at a wedding early in May.

So our nest is empty again, for a few weeks. 


susan Humphries said...

Poor kitty!

Anvilcloud said...

A ferocious kitty is a scary thing.