Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

In some senses it feels like so little time since Christmas Eve a year ago when I posted a picture of my hastily-decorated Christmas cake.

This year's, other than being round rather than square, is remarkably similar:

Backtracking a little, I made more mince pies, printed out newsletters emailed by friends, and did various other bits and pieces during the third week of Advent, but the most exciting event was the arrival of our son Daniel with his wife Becky and our six-month old grandson David.  It's the first time they've come to Cyprus for Christmas since they were married. 

David is a total delight - as far as we're concerned, anyway. He's still waking a fair bit at night, and fussing sometimes while feeding, and getting angry when he's over-tired.  But during the day he's mostly a very happy little chap, who wants, more than anything, to walk. I'm loving being a hands-on Grandma for a few weeks.

Here he is when one of our small friends put a fluffy halo on him: 

Their first few days flew past, and at the end of the week we followed what has become a family tradition, and ate out at Alexander's on the sea front:

David showed a worrying tendency to want to drink beer: 

Thankfully the bottle was empty - and it was removed from him before he got his mouth on it!

On Monday I emailed our annual newsletter to various family and friends around the world, on Tuesday I iced the cake. This morning I made more mince pies and an extra dessert for tomorrow, then we did all the Christmas Eve shopping and Tim came over to make stuffing and cook the turkey. He also made a nut roast for Daniel, and some peppermint creams. He chopped some veg, and, this evening, peeled a large number of potatoes.

This afternoon I put our newsletter on our family site; in the evening I wrapped some presents. Richard carved the turkey ready for re-heating tomorrow, then we had our now traditional Christmas Eve supper of 'Souvlaki Express' take-away food. The turkey stock needs to be strained, and the floor badly needs mopping.. the tree needs to be stood up again as the kittens had another go at it yesterday, and I don't feel nearly as calm or 'ready' as I did last year.. but I can't think of too much else that needs to be done.

So, a very merry Christmas to anyone who happens to read this.

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parepidemos said...

So glad that your Christmas has been such a blessing; may 2015 bring more of the same.