Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Monday

The boys got back from their youth group sleepover about lunchtime on Saturday. Tim said he had about four hours sleep, and that was more than most. He was tired... by evening he was like a zombie, and went to bed at 8.00pm. Dan said he had no sleep at all... he had played pool with a friend and decided not to sleep. Unbelievable... particularly since he had another theatre group performance at 8pm in Nicosia and wasn't going to be home till 11pm. AND we moved the clocks forward, along with the rest of Europe, to Summer Time (or Daylight Savings as they call elsewhere).

The weather is just perfect at present: sunny, slightly breezy, and about 20C in the shade during the daytime. Even better now we've put the clocks forward, it's light until about 7pm. Being nearer the equator than the UK, we get longer days in the winter and shorter ones in the summer (it's dark by about 9pm even at the summer solstice) but around now I suppose it's about the same.

We had a pleasant day yesterday: friends came to lunch, so I got up about 7am and made some lemon meringue pies, which turned out extremely well. I ran out of cornflour and used some custard powder instead but I think it made them better, not worse. It's good using lemons from the garden and the boys have requested this particular dessert more often!

We didn't go to the early morning outdoor church service; I gather it went well and there were quite a few people there. But we went to the ordinary 9am service where we sang some great Easter songs. Tim played the piano, Dan the electronic drums.

Today there's no public holiday here, as the official Eastern Easter won't be until May 1st. So everything happens as normal: Tim had his music theory lesson at 9.30, Dan had his drum lesson at 11.00. He had a test this morning (his teacher is very into tests, as are most Cypriot teachers apparently) and got 100%. I suppose that means he's learned everything he's supposed to have learned up to now. Anyway, the teacher was pleased and I think Dan was too. He only started learning last October, and seems to be picking it up amazingly well. He just shrugs and points out that he's home educated, so of course he learns fast...

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